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Keeping Things tidy in Momma's kitchen

Hand sanitizes? Are you kidding? Dish washing detergent? I don’t know how old you are but even as a baby boomer, I don’t remember those things. Ivory soap and water cleaned everything from grease on the stove to wiping out the plague.  Still dirty? Scrub harder!  My momma never had one of those new cooking sets ... six pots, three different frying pans, a double boiler, nineteen covers ... Mom had one big pot and a frying pan. She used a large plate as a cover for everything. When whatever she was cooking got cooked, she’d move that into a bowl, quickly rinse out that pot with ivory soap and water and start cooking something else with the same pot. If some of the soap was still in the pot ... it got blended in with the next recipe. Did anybody suffer?  No, after dinner cramps were expected. 


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